I have tried the new makeup base “Infallible Total Cover”

Things are no longer what they were.

I know. I have a phrase “very grandmother.” But in this case I don’t say it with the “any past tense was better” approach… quite the opposite.

I was one of those who had to suffer the first super-covering and long-lasting bases, which was what the 90s ended up being called “mask effect makeup” or “pot” because they were tremendous…

But fortunately things change and, as happened with long-lasting lipsticks, that Bobbi Brown took care that they stopped being dry and “cementitious” (I have already invented a word…), makeups already They are able to cover imperfections despite not being very dense.

In recent years we have gone through the fever of the nude, and the second skin effect makeup, which are basically fluid textures, which give a natural appearance but capable of covering a bit of imperfections.


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