Nanoplasty W One, the perfect straightening

Melville & Co wants to bring you the most innovative treatments on the market. For this, it is constantly searching for new ‘Hairfriendly’ products that meet the expectations of our clients.

Today we want to talk about the treatment called Nanoplasty so that you know all its benefits and how it acts on the hair.

What type of hair is suitable for the treatment?

Any hair, straight, curly, dyed, discolored, etc., that wants to forget about the unpleasant sensation of going with frizzy hair every day.

Why does frizz occur?

For three reasons mainly:

One of the main causes of frizz is the weather, since the humidity in the environment penetrates into the hair fibers and makes them increase in size.

In doing so, it creates the unpleasant sensation of static electricity and a scruffy appearance.

Mistreated hair:
Chemical processes, the constant use of heat tools and dryness make hair even more vulnerable to frizz, since the moisture absorption process can get worse if the hair cuticle is open.

Hair type

Although some of these causes are external, the truth is that some of them have to do with genetics, because curly hair is dry by nature and is usually more likely to be affected by frizz.

However, some types of straight hair also suffer from it, so it is important to take care of them in the same way.

Nanoplasty is a straightening treatment that reconstructs, moisturizes and brings shine and hydration to the hair while eliminating frizz in its entirety.

Its durability is 4 months depending on each type of hair and only using dryer air can you get a natural smooth effect.
Being a progressive treatment, after a while the hair gradually returns to its natural state, that is, it does not fix any residue on the hair.

The main components of nanoplasty are: collagen, argan oil, silk proteins, vitamins and shea among others.

WONE’s progressive Brazilian nanoplasty or straightening is the treatment resulting from the sum of many years of research and experience accumulated in Brazil in the search for new solutions to smooth any type of hair naturally, without using formaldehyde, which ranges from one hair Afro, platinum blonde hair, wick or of course dyed hair.

WONE nanoplasty is a revolutionary and innovative hair treatment formulated only with natural products, it is easy to apply and obtains spectacular results in all types of hair: dyed, henna, wicks, thick, fine, porous … Being a natural smooth can be given hair shape as desired, with brush, iron, etc. And when you wash your hair again, applying the dryer will be smooth again and perfect in just 5 minutes.


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